This website is static and explains in detail the Professional Set-up as performed by Guitar Technical Services.

It is supplementary to the main Guitar Technical Services site and aims to provide a more detailed explanation of the ‘guitar set-up’ as many people do not realise that a ‘set-up’ can be broken down into the 2 following types.

A Standard set-up - which consists of trying to set-up the guitar without dealing with fret undulation.

A Professional set-up - has all the elements of the Standard set-up but, by first addressing the condition and level of the frets, the optimum set-up can then be achieved.

The higher cost of a Professional set-up reflects this extra work of dealing with the frets and those customers that opt for the lesser expense are accepting a compromise. Many books have been written on the guitar set-up and one glaring error that shines through for the DIY enthusiast or those taking a cheap set-up service is lowering the strings until they just buzz and then lifting them up so they don't. By doing this, the guitar is being set at the very limits of acceptability. I hear you say “Well thats ok! “ but, as soon as a small change occurs in the wood due to temperature and/or humidity fluctuations, the likelihood is that you may have a dreaded buzzing string or dead spot.

In this link below, I describe the whole process from start to finish. I also highlight the point at which many people start the set-up process. The process and steps are all laid out - if you do not use my services the only element you would be missing out on is the skill and experience required to achieve the goal of a great setup .